Certified planner addicts will love Sweet Stamp Shop’s Planner Stamp sets which are guaranteed to not only induce planner book envy among friends but assist you with your everyday planning craft obsession. Founder and illustrator Nicole Rixon created some basic planner stamps that mark appointments, events, meal planning, budget tracking, bill paying, home planning and more on to the pages of your planner book.

Each planner stamp set is created a bit smaller so they fit nicely into most daily planner books. Stamps are made of high quality, clear photopolymer and proudly manufactured in the USA ensuring crisp impressions and professional-looking results. These planner sets also come in a number of different styles and sizes and are placed on a carrier sheet with a protective cover and black printed index.

To get started simply peel the desired image from the plastic carrier sheet and position the image on to one of our clear acrylic blocks, brush on some ink and place the image exactly where you want it on your crafting surface. Clean and replace the image with carrier sheet and protect with the cover sheet when storing.

Learn how to do Step-by-Step Planning with Planner Stamps and other creative DIY stamping ideas in our blog.

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