How to Make 3 Simply Spooky Halloween Cards

Hello crafty friends! Angelica Conrad here with three cards made for Sweet Stamp Shop’s September’s release of the Squad Ghouls Stamp Set. How cute are the witches on this set! I just couldn’t wait to color them!

Spooky Halloween Card #1

Stamp Out 2 Witches and Color

To create this simple Halloween card, I first stamped out the witches twice. Next, I used Copic markers to color them. Then, I cut them out and set them aside so I could build a spooky background scene for them.

Create a Night Sky using Distress Ink Pads

Next, I pulled out two Distress Ink pads: Saphire and Black Soot and then taped off the top third of a trimmed card panel, and ink blended a night sky. Then I sprayed the ink with a shimmer mist for a starry effect.

Use Glitter Cardstock to Create the Moon

To create the moon, I circle die-cut white glitter cardstock and then glued it to the night sky. Next, I used a thin strip of black glitter paper to ground the scene. I then stamped the sentiment below the scene and attached the witches using 3D foam squares.

Embellish with Midnight Black Jewels

I attached the card front to a trimmed down craft foam panel, then attached to an A2 size card base. I added midnight black jewels as a finishing touch.

Spooky Halloween Card #2

For this simple Halloween card, I took the same exact steps I did for Spooky Halloween Card #1 but used only the bottom half of the card to build the scene.

Spooky Halloween Card #3

Stamp Accessories on to Cardstock

This simple card was made by stamping the briefcase, magic book, and vacuum stamps from the Squad Ghouls set in random order on to the cardstock I cut out.

Color Stamps with Copic Markers

Next, I used the Copic markers to color the stamps, trimmed the panel down, and attached the panel to the A2 card base with double-sided adhesive.

Stamp Sentiments Using Embossing Ink

Next, I stamped the “I Put a Spell on You” sentiment from the Squad Ghouls stamp set using Embossing Ink, and heat embossed it with White Embossing Powder.

Use 3D Foam Squares for Extra Pop

I then trimmed the paper down, mounted it onto coordinating green glitter paper, and attached it to the card with 3D foam squares.

I hope these three card examples brings you a ton of inspiration on how you can use the Squad Ghouls Stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop to create super simple and spooky Halloween Cards.

Stamps Used:

Additional Products Used:

  • Plain Cardstock
  • Copic Markers
  • Green Glitter Paper
  • Distress Ink Pads – Saphire and Black Soot
  • Foam Blender
  • 3D Foam Squares
  • Embossing Ink
  • White Embossing Powder
  • Double-sided Adhesive.
  • Midnight Black Jewels

How to Make 3 DIY Desk Calendars to Give as Holiday Gifts Using Stamps

DIY Desk Calendars


Hello Sweet Friends! Its Cheryl here to show you how to make fun desk calendars using the new DIY Calendar Stamp set and the Monthly Script stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop. It’s perfect timing to make some handmade gifts to give to your friends and family for Christmas! I had so much fun making these desk calendars that I made three of them — three different ways!

DIY Year-Round Icon Desk Calendar

Year Round Icon Desk Calendar

The first calendar I’m going to share is more on the cutesy side. First I selected some patterned cardstock based on either a holiday or season for that month. Then I used the second largest rectangle stitched die to cut the cardstock.

rectangle stitched die to cut the cardstock

Then I cut 12 circles for the monthly icons using the smallest die in the circle stitched die set and also cut out 12 squares using the second to the smallest die in the square stitched die set. Next, I stamped out the icons for each month from the Year Round Stamp set onto the circle die cuts, then I stamped the calendar for each month onto the square die cuts.

Year Round Stamp Set from Sweet Stamp Shop

Tip: You can fit all of the components of the calendar onto the large acrylic block from the Sweet Stamp Shop, and the spacing of the lines on the blocks works perfectly to align the calendar stamps.

use a tape runner to adhere the icons and calendar on to its corresponding patterned cardstock

Now it’s assembly time! I used a tape runner to adhere the icons and calendar on to its corresponding patterned cardstock. Then I colored all of the icons and added a line under the month to add a little bit more color. Lastly, I added some accents using a white gel pen.

DIY Minimalist Chic Desk Calendar

Minimalist Chic Desk Calendar

Here’s a minimal yet chic desk calendar, it’s also a great project to use the scraps of paper left over from the Year Round Icon Calendar!

cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of cardstock and then I cut out 3.25”x1.25” rectangles out of patterned cardstock

First I cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of cardstock and then I cut out 3.25”x1.25” rectangles out of patterned cardstock. Next, I used a tape runner to adhere the patterned cardstock to the top of the squares. To round the corners, I punched each corner using a corner punch.

Stamp each month on the whitespace of each square. On this calendar, I put the month off to the side for a different style. Lastly, I added a line using a colored fine liner pen to add a little more visual interest.

DIY Distress Desk Calendar

Distress Desk Calendar

Don’t have printed cardstock or maybe don’t have any cardstock that would fit the bill? You can also use distress inks to add color to your desk calendar!

First I cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of plain cardstock and then rounded the corners using a corner punch. Next, I created a guide using paper, a ruler, and a pencil. I drew one long line across the paper and another line 1.25” below the first line. Then I stamped the calendar on each square.

First I cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of plain cardstock and then rounded the corners using a corner punch

Next, I place the top of the cardstock on the first line and secured it with tape. Using the second line as a guide, I placed a large sticky note to mask the cardstock. Next, I used a foam blender and two distress inks and worked in color (each color starting on different ends of the cardstock blending together at the center). Repeat the same process with different colors for each month.

I place the top of the cardstock on the first line and secured it with tape

Lastly, I stamped the month on the distress ink. However, you can stamp it any way you want! Isn’t that the beauty of DIY projects?

Stamps Used:

Dies Used:

  • Circle Stitched
  • Rectangle Stitched
  • Square Stitched

Additional Products Used:

  • Patterned Cardstock
  • Plain Cardstock
  • Plain Paper
  • Pencil and Paper
  • Black Stamp Ink (that’s compatible with alcohol markers)
  • Copic Markers
  • Distress Inks and foam blender
  • Straight Edge
  • White gel pen
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Corner Punch
  • Acrylic Block
  • Glue

How to Create a DIY Stand Up Flip Desk Calendar Using Stamps

Hello everyone! I am excited to share with you how I created this easy, DIY Monthly Flip Calendar using the DIY Calendar stamp set that has just been released from Sweet Stamps.  The calendar dates on this new stamp set are perfect for any size of planners or any travelers notebook you own. For today, I will be making a desktop flip calendar from the months of September 2018 all the way through the month of December of 2019.

Cut 16 Pieces of 3.5” x 2” Cardstock & Make Stencil as Guide

First, I cut 16 pieces of cardstock measuring 3.5” H X 2” W. I wanted to box out the monthly calendar, so I made a stencil and guide as shown below. This way, it would be easy for me to just draw a line per monthly page.

As you can see below, the month, days and dates perfectly fit inside the box. Stamping tool is very crucial for this process. This way, I just have to replace the month and monthly dates still keeping the perfect alignment.

Place Washi Tape at Stamps End to Mark Placement

After I arranged the stamps, I placed washi tape just at the end of the stamp this way I will know where to put the exact place of the monthly dates and months leaving only the day stamp.

Erase Ink from Extra Dates on Stamp

Since days in the months vary from 30 days to 31 in some cases (or February only has 28 for next year), I wet the tip of a cotton bud and erased the extra date if needed.

Re-ink Stamp for Crisper Images

To have that crisp image, I stamped and re-inked it more than once. Then repeated the process up to December 2019.

I also used the pencil stamp from Basic Icons set to give emphasis for my notes.

Cut Cardstock then Fold, and Score

Now for the base. I cut 2.25” H and 11” W of cardstock.  Then score at 4”, 5.5” and 7”.

This is what it looks like when you fold the scored lines.

Bind Paper Together Using Puncher & Planner Rings

To bind each side together I used the puncher and the mini Happy planner rings. This way it will be super easy for me to flip and remove pages to write down notes at the bottom of the calendar.

Side view when its flat.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY monthly flip calendar tutorial. I would love to see what you created using this stamp set.

Don’t forget to tag #sweetstampshop in Instagram and share it in Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a fantastic day!

Stamp Sets Used:

Additional DIY Crafts Used:

  • The Happy Planner Value Pack Mini Discs
  • Create 365™ Big The Happy Planner™ Punch
  • Washi Tape
  • Cardstock paper
  • Clear Acrylic Block with Grid
  • Trim and Score Board

How to Use Stamps in Your Bullet Journal to Track Your Kids’ Reading and Appointments

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing a couple of ways you can use the newest Sweet Stamps September release to track your kids reading and doctors appointments in a Happy Notes. To do this, I will be mainly using my Bullet Journal Tracker and Monthly Script stamp sets.

I have been encouraging my kids to read 15 minutes a day and decided that it might be a fun to track this in my bullet journal. At the same time, I thought it would also be a good idea to use these stamp sets to track a few doctors appointments they have this month.

Use a Stamping Tool Platform

Before moving forward with the following examples, I highly recommend you use a stamping tool platform in order to ensure all your stamps are level on the pages. To get started, I first picked out Sweet Stamp Shop’s September stamp from (Monthly Script Set) and (Number Mixup Set) for this months track.

Use Stamps from Bullet Journal Tracker & Book Club Set

I then stamped the Track reading from Book Club Set and Bullet Journaling Wheel from Bullet Journal Tracker.

Add Animal Donuts Stamp to Center of Reading Wheel

Next, I thought it would be cute to add something in the center of the wheel track. Just my luck, I noticed that Sweet Stamp’s Animal Donuts fits perfectly right in the middle (without the ears). As shown below. I then stamped the little hexagons for my kids color codes.

Write September Dates in Boxes

Next, I wrote down September dates using a black pen in small font size just inside at the top right corner of the box.

Color Using Prisma Color Pencils

Then I colored the hexagons with Prisma Color Pencils. Since September has 30 days (and also not to confuse myself) I colored the extra box ahead.

Draw Drop Shadows Using Tombow Brush Markers

To complete this bullet journal project, I used Tombow Brush Markers to draw drop shadows outside of the wheel, the hexagon and the days reading.

Add Page to Bullet Journal for Dr’s Appointments

For the second page of the Bullet Journal to track my kids’ doctor appointments, I stamped using the Straight and Dotted Line stamp using Sweet Stamps (Between You and Me Set) then stamped the Trapezoid Bullet Journal Tracker just above the lines.

Color in Dates of Dr’s Appointments

The appointment tracker and doctor/time stamp are from (Medical Tracker Set) and the numbers in the boxes are from the Bullet Journal Tracker. I then colored the dates in which my kids have an appointment.

These were just a couple of ways I thought of to use the new stamps released this month from Sweet Stamp Shop. I’m sure there are a number of fun ways you can use these stamps to track appointments, goals and more. Hope you give it a try!

Watch this video to see all the DIY steps I took to create monthly kids’ reading and appointment trackers in my bullet journal.

Don’t forget to tag #sweetstampshop in Instagram and share it in Facebook page.

Stamp Sets Used:

Additional DIY Crafts Used:

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker, N75 – Cool Gray
  • Happy Notes by the Happy Planner
  • Clear Acrylic Block with Grid
  • Prisma Color Pencils

How to Create a Custom Magnetic Family Wall Calendar Using Stamps

Hi Crafty Friends! My name is Jackie and I am so beyond excited to be sharing my first blog post and project using Stamps from the Sweet Stamp Shop!

As a busy mom of four, I thought a fun way to keep my family up-to-date with our crazy schedule was to create a magnetic family wall calendar using Sweet Stamps Basic Icons stamp set. Before I start, I do want to mention that I have my own personal planner where I keep up with our weekly shenanigans in more detail, but this weekly family calendar is much bigger and will be placed right in the middle of our house for everyone to see – so they can’t miss it!

Basic Icons Sweet Stamp Set


  • Banners and More
  • Nod to Mod
  • Cartoon Numbers
  • Year-Round Planning
  • Basic Icons

Additional items used:

  • Versafine Onyx Black ink
  • White Cardstock (110 lb)
  • Adhesive-backed Magnet Sheets
  • Weekly Dry Erase Board
  • Silhouette Portrait
  • Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Step 1: Decide what stamp sets to use for your Calendar.

I first chose stamps from Sweet Stamps Basic Icons set, to be my primarily used set. But, I also used the cactus from Nod to Mod Stamp Set to mark when I need to water my plants. The football in the Year-Round Planning stamp set was perfect for marking the school football games and pep rallies, as my girls like to dress up these days.

Year Round Planning Sweet Stamp Shop

Step 2: Stamp images onto cardstock.

Next, I used Versafine Onyx in black on white cardstock because it gave me extra crisp images. **Side note: I knew my magnet sheets were 5” x 7”, so I cut my cardstock to that size before stamping the images.**Be sure to stamp more than one icon for ones that you will be using more frequently in the week. For instance, I stamped the coffee cup from Basic Icons six times because I knew I would be using that one to track my husband’s work schedule. Another thing I did was stamp out the numbers, from the Cartoon Numbers stamp set, in order to lay out the dates. I have an issue when it comes to writing dates and stress a bit when they get rubbed away. Now, I don’t have to worry as I can just pop them on the board and use the numbers all throughout the month. *Be sure to stamp extras of all of the numbers to cover the week (i.e. this week I needed 7 – 1’s, and only one of each: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, and 8).

Step 3: Color the stamped images.

Next, I colored all of the images using colored pencils. You can use whatever you might have on hand, whether it be watercolors, markers or even crayons. This is completely not necessary but I went for a color-coding system, as it just helps the way my brain sees everything. So, for instance, my husband is a manager at Starbucks, so all of the items pertaining to him (coffee cup and message icons from Basic Icons) were colored green and my daughters’ school colors are purple and gold – so school events (like the book and pencil holder from Basic Icons and ‘Go Team’ flag from Sweet Stamp’s Year-Round Planning stamp set) got purple icons.

The icons that were not specific to anyone (bandage and geotag from Basic Icons) were not colored in any particular color, just colors that I thought were fitting.  

Go Team Flag Sweet Stamp Shop

Step 4: Magnetize the stamps.

After the stamps were colored, I stuck the cardstock (cut to 5” x 7”) to the adhesive-backed magnet sheets.

Step 5: Scan and cut the stamped images.

I used the Silhouette PixMat for this step. I placed two of the magnet sheets on the mat and took a photo to send to my computer. Then I cleaned up the program’s cut lines and let it go to work. I did find, you could definitely cut these out by hand; it just takes a little more time.  Also, it helps to put the cardstock on the magnet before cutting it (lesson learned). I completely forgot ‘Step 4’ on one of the sheets, cut the cardstock and then had to cut the magnet sheet by hand.

Now, that all the ‘hard work’ is done – it’s time to put it all together.

Step 6: Fill out the magnetic calendar.

I laid out the dates and icons on the board and it looked AMAZING! Honestly, I almost didn’t even want to add my handwriting at all – it turned out better than I ever imagined.

DIY Family Magnetic Weekly Calendar

This project definitely put the fun in functional for our family scheduling and I cannot wait to add this weekly wall calendar to our backpack station/command center! I hope this inspired you all to make your own family calendar and see that with Sweet Stamp Shop stamps, the crafting possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting!