Make It Masculine Part 3 | Saying Farewell from Thanh

Hey there, Sweet friends! Happy Friday!!! You’ve worked so hard this week; put up your feet and get inspired for the weekend with my cards.  Thanh here and this is my final post for the Sweet blog. It’s been so fun these past three months and I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to write this last post. I figured that since I started my term with the Make It Masculine series, I would end it with some more masculine inspiration. If you’ve gotten to know me a little over the past few months, you’ll know that I love a wicked punny card! Yep – I love to laugh and it makes me really happy when I can make others giggle, too.

Here are my other Make it Masculine cards if you missed the first two instalments:
Part I | Part II

Let’s review my rules for making masculine cards:

  1. Keep it SIMPLE
  2. Use neutral or earthy colors
  3. Minimal embellishments
  4. Follow a sketch (if needed)
  5. Use humor or wit

I had to use Stuck on This for one of my last cards! Is is still one of my favourite Sweet sets to date. (Here are my other cards in case you wanted to see what else I’ve made: Shaker Card and Hola)

SSS August Make it Masculine Stuck On This 1SSS August Make it Masculine Stuck On This 2

I used this week’s CAS(E) this Sketch for my layout and the one element I love about their sketches is that they are always simple and left to your interpretation. Automatically, this sketch makes my card simple.

I tried to use earthy and neutral colours and also tried to minimize embellishing – but I couldn’t help myself with the gold stars! I love gold right now. Of course, I had to use humour. Check x 5 – I followed my own masculine card rules.

Ever since I had a glimpse of it, I have been so excited to pair up the Ahoy set with an older set(s) to make a pirate card! I know, pirates are  so 2012, but c’mon – we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day every year so give me a break!

SSS August Make it Masculine Too Hip Pirate 1 SSS August Make it Masculine Too Hip Pirate 2

For my pirate card, I loosely followed my rules. The layout is still simple, but the striped paper makes the card a wee bit busy. I used neutral colours and eep – sequins on a man card?! Yep, they are supposed to be gold, mateys! Humour and wit? Check.

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For plenty more inspiration, you can check out the Sweet Stamp Shop Pinterest page or Sweet’s Facebook page

Big thanks and many hugs to Nicole, Chrissie, all my fellow Design Team members and YOU, Sweet fans. It’s never a goodbye; always a farewell. Keep in touch with me on my blog HERE.


The stamp sets I used to make my cards are: Stuck on This | Hats | Too Hip | Ahoy





CASEing a DT Member Part 4 | Inspire vs CASE

Hello Sweet friends! It’s Thanh here and I’m back with bringing you Part IV of CASEing a fellow Sweet Stamp Shop DT Member. This is my final post on this series and I hope that you’ve been enjoying the projects I’ve created and learned a few things along the way with regards to CASEing. This is almost my last post this term with the Sweet team and it has been such a blast getting to know all of you over the last few months! I’ll save my farewell for my last post, but for now, we’re going to review and wrap up the CASEing series.

I’m going to focus Part IV on showing you the difference of CASEing – duplicating a project in almost it’s entirety and being inspired by a project and working from that. I will say that the line between the two is very thin and sometimes – depending on your creative flow – you may start with one and end up with doing the other. You follow? I know this will make sense towards the end!

I’ve already discussed the following:
Part I – How To  |  Part II – Modify | Part III – Adapt

Who am I CASEing today? You’re going to be in for a double feature – since this is the finale of this series – I am featuring two of my fellow Design Team members – *drum roll please* ………………….. Kate Kennedy and Suzanne Bier

Here’s Kate’s original card:


What I love about Kate’s card:

  1. Pink and gold on white… pretty!
  2. Disney reference? Yes, please.
  3. The pure clean and simpleness of it

Here’s Suzanne’s original card:


What I love about Suzanne’s card:

  1. She used bright and fun colours
  2. Mix and match different Sweet sets
  3. Masking the images to make it real birthday party!

Here’s my take on Kate’s card:

CASEing Kate 1 CASEing Kate 2

As I had very similar supplies on hand – I was able to easily replicate Kate’s card to make it look almost exactly like hers. This is definitely a CASE. Remember, CASE is the acronym of copy and share everything. When I CASE, I always give credit to the person who made the original work. You can review the basics of CASEing in Part I of this series as well as etiquette of CASEing here.

Here’s my take on Suzanne’s card:

CASEing Suzanne 1 CASEing Suzanne 2

Do you see how much I have  modified and adapted my card from Suzanne’s original? I define my project as inspired by Suzanne because it became so different from the original. Here’s a summary of what I wanted to do the same, but couldn’t because of the supplies I had on hand or just preferred to use:

  • I don’t have the Balloons set so I just couldn’t make that possible to mask them in the card Suzanne made
  • I don’t have the same sentiments and so I ended up using other sentiments that I felt suited my card or highlighted the Koala images more
  • Due to all the white space that was void of the balloons, I decided to make confetti using bits and pieces of Stuck on This (cactus thorns) and Fishy (water bubbles)
  • To tie in the colour scheme and add a bit of dimension to the card, I placed orange enamel dots as an embellishment

CASEing Suzanne Comparison

I think the biggest difference in CASEing and being inspired by a project is how much you copy the original project. Whether you are CASEing or being inspired by, I think you should give credit where credit is due. I  love reading/seeing when others have been inspired by something I have created and either replicate it exactly or reference it and completely make it their own!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series and if you’d like to see more of my projects (perhaps CASE me – haha!), please check out my own blog here.

Have you been CASEing any of the DT members yet? Would love to hear some feedback from you about this series. Please let me know your thoughts below!

For more inspiration, please head over to the Sweet Stamp Shop Pinterest page.

Miles of smiles,

The sets I used on my projects are:
CASEing Kate:
Princess | Royal Wish | Stars from: Foodie

Princess 10325210_10203306013798346_5661213689147955805_n Foodie__03340.1405389926.386.513













Inspired by Suzanne:
Koala | Sentiments from: Juggling Act, Elegant Sentiments | “Confetti” from: Stuck on This, Fishy

10168206_10203195324391180_7074010234255972578_n1604891_10203187265349709_2105796845474980793_n elegantsentimentsweb__06317.1391283428.386.513






CASEing a DT Member Part 3 | Adapt

Hey there, Sweet fans! It’s Thanh here and I’m back with bringing you Part III of CASEing a fellow Sweet Stamp Shop DT Member.

I’m going to focus Part III on adapting your projects from the original. We’ve already discussed the following:
Part I – How To  |  Part II – Modify

Who am I CASEing this time around? Today’s CASE is going to be the lovely Anna Kossakovskaya! Since the beginning of our term as Sweets, I’ve been admiring Anna’s excellent ability to combine all the elements in projects together.

This is Anna’s original card using Dragon and Elegant Sentiments:


What I love about Anna’s card:

  1. The color scheme – grey tones and the yellow WORK so well with our little Dragon
  2. The placement of the sentiment and the Dragon “up in the air”
  3. The subtle stitch line that doesn’t over power the card
  4. The perfect amount of drips/splatter that add more yellow to tie everything in

Here’s my CASE of Anna’s card:

CASEing Anna 2

In the beginning, I wanted to CASE pretty well everything that Anna had used in her card, but I found out really quick that just wasn’t possible.

These were the problems I encountered:

  • The papers I had on hand were too much for the dragon image.
  • After deciding to use the Elephant Hearts set, I needed to adapt and ground my elephant but after doing so, the sentiment needed to be moved.
  • I’m fearful of making splatters/drips on my pages and also don’t have yellow ink refills so I used stamped hearts instead
  • It wasn’t until the very end that I realized that I hadn’t sewn my edges like Anna did!

I could have left the card as is, but I found the card was missing a little detail to make everything go together. Do you see what I mean; if you look at the before adding my faux stitched lines, there is too much black in the one corner?

CASEing Anna 1

By adding in the stitched lines, I balanced the card. Here’s a review of everything I adapted:

CASEing Anna 4

CASEing Anna 3

Have you been CASEing any of the DT members yet? Would love to hear some feedback from you about this series so far. Please let me know your thoughts below!

For more inspiration, please head over to the Sweet Stamp Shop Pinterest page.

Be well,

The sets I used on my project are Elephant Hearts | Elegant Sentiments | Hearts from: Cheeky, Doggy Dog, Kitty Cat


CASEing a DT Member Part 2 | Modify

Hello again, Sweet readers! It’s Thanh here and I’m back with bringing you Part II of CASEing a fellow Sweet Stamp Shop DT Member. Did my previous post hit the nail in the head with regards to the topic of CASEing? I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you missed it the first time, head on over here to read Part I.

I’m going to focus Part II on modifying your projects from the original and at the end of this, you’ll be able to see what worked for me and what didn’t.

This time around, I CASEd one of our International lovelies, Christine Drogt. Here’s Christine’s original card using Elephant Hearts:


What I love about Christine’s card:

  1. Her main focal image is the most adorable Elephant Hearts by our illustrator and DT member Evelin Tee (enough said) – hehe
  2. The card size is not your typical A2
  3. Wood embellishments (my fave right now)
  4. Speech bubbles from Foxy and Stinky Skunk

Here’s my take on Christine’s card:

CASEing Christine - Cheeky 1

I don’t have star wood veneers on hand but I have plenty of heart ones so I converted my card into a loved one card. I also don’t have the Foxy set and substituted the speech bubble from Hedgehog Kiss. As this particular speech bubble has two thoughts going into one, I modified the speech bubble as seen below:

CASEing Christine - Cheeky Bubble 1

I inked up the speech bubble and then swiped away the one side and then stamped it on my white cardstock.

CASEing Christine - Cheeky Bubble 2

Then I just filled in the rest of the speech bubble with a black marker – it looks just like it was made for one thought/one person!

CASEing Christine - Cheeky Bubble 3Sorry for the discoloured background of the above images – that’s the mat I use to protect my desk from getting Copic markers, different inks, and other marks! There’s nothing glamorous about the creation and execution of projects over here and there’s no shame – what ya’ll see is always the end product. 😉

Sometimes, my creative process is not always perfect. What you see above is not what I sometimes start with and you’ll see that I ended up modifying my card a quite a bit from Christine’s original. I wanted to use a red pattern paper, but found the pattern too distracting and ended up choosing my yellow pattern paper instead:

CASEing Christine - Cheeky Paper


Here’s one last look to remind you of what my card turned out like and a close up view:

CASEing Christine - Cheeky 1CASEing Christine - Cheeky 2


Thanks so much for hanging’ out with me today on the Sweet blog. Don’t forget to connect with us on our Facebook page. I’ll see you soon again!


* Here are the sets I used today: Stinky Skunk | Hedgehog Kiss | Cheeky
Stinky Skunkhedgehog_kiss__01564.1397482958.386.513Cheeky

CASEing a DT Member Part 1 | Etiquette – How To

Hey Sweet friends! It’s Thanh here and I’m going to chat with you about the topic of CASEing today. I’m always so inspired by my fellow Design Team members as well as so many of you within the paper crafting community. You, yes, you are one of the reasons why I create! I decided to start a new series on the blog about CASEing some of my fellow DT members because they seriously.have.mad.skills. When I see the projects these ladies make, I’m in awe and begin to dissect their projects from embellishments, color scheme, coloring medium, etc, etc. I’m going to show you an original project made by one of the DT members and then I’ll feature my card and what I did differently to make it my own.

But first, I’m going to talk about the courtesy of CASEing creative paper projects that you see on social mediums, galleries and other print publications. I will add in here that CASEing can be a sensitive topic and these opinions are my own.

What is CASEing? 

  • Copy and Share Everything
  • Also known as “scrap-lifting” in the scrapbooking world
  • It can be an exact duplication of one’s work or modified
  • Changes may include color scheme, images, technique, etc.


  • Everyone feels differently about CASEing – and that’s ok – we’re all individuals who are entitled to have their own feelings
  • Some creatives feel honoured and others do not
  • Creators spend countless hours on their work – sometimes for Design Teams and sometimes for personal use
  • It’s understandable that all are proud and can be protective of their work

Give Credit and/or Get Permission

  • To avoid vagueness or any negativity, give credit or ask the original creator for permission to recreate their work
  • With all of our social mediums out there now, it’s so easy to reach people via email, commenting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, #hashtag!
  • If you forget who you are CASEing; that’s ok, too. It’s better to give unknown credit than claim it as your own. I bet you someone will pipe in and tell you who made the original project shortly after posting

With all of that being said, I personally love when I’ve inspired others to be creative! As a matter of fact, when I asked my fellow Sweet DT members for their permission to CASE their projects for this series, all were flattered and gave me the ok. As someone who has been creating for over 7 years, it makes me feel like I’ve done something right after all this time, LOL. It makes me feel connected to you and that we can all share and learn from something we love.

Are you all excited to know who the first DT member that I’m CASEing?! It’s the lovely Chrissy Larson! I fell immediately in love with her Campout card when she first posted it. The layout, the nightscape, the wedding theme, the gold stars – LOVE it!


I wanted to make a wedding card for an upcoming celebration and though I changed the color scheme and used different images, I kept my layout and embellishments the same:

CASEing Chrissy - Hedgehog Kiss 1 CASEing Chrissy - Hedgehog Kiss 2 CASEing Chrissy - Hedgehog Kiss 3

I hope that you have a better understanding on the topic of CASEing paper projects. What are your thoughts on CASEing – are you flattered when someone recreates your project, do you CASE? I’m totally open to discussion. If you CASE any of Sweet’s projects, please connect with us via Facebook or Pinterest – we’d love to see and comment on your work!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

The stamp sets I used in my project are Just the Basics, Hedgehog Kiss and and Elegant Sentiments.