How to Create a DIY Minimalistic Planner Layout

Hi, friends! It’s Katie here to share with you how I use Sweet Stamp shop in my weekly planning routine. I love using planners to map out my daily activities each week, and adding Sweet Stamp Shop’s planner decorations is a great way to keep me organized – and actually have fun while doing it! Easy-to-use planner stamps and stickers are a great place to start if you’ve been thinking about adding a little zest to your weekly planning routine.  

Leave Space on Your Planner for To-Do Lists & Appointments

I love decorative planning, but my style generally tends to be more minimalistic. have a pretty minimalistic style. I want a cute layout is a must, but my plans are the most important part even more important; this means I need plenty of space for writing to-do lists and appointments.

Match Stamps with Your Daily Activities

I always start with the most functional planner stamps to highlight my daily plans. Before I start to begin, I always like to have a general idea of what my week will look like so these that the stamps will match up with my daily activities; usually, this means leaving plenty of space for lists!

Decorate and Customize Each Planner Page

After I complete the functional part – mapping out my daily activities, organizing stamps, etc. – I know about how much space I’ll have left for fun decorations. This is the fun part! I like to customize each page of my planners, and I try to make sure the decorations are visually balanced while still allowing my plans to be the focal point (and easily legible).  and and I let myself have fun with this space. I try to make sure the decorations are visually balanced on each page. I also want to make sure my plans are still the focal point. This week, I went with a few hexagons in the corner stamps and colored them with fun fall colors.

Fill in Your Daily Plans and Activities

The last step of my planning process is always filling it in with my daily plans, activities, and reminders. There’s usually still quite a bit of white space when I wrap up my beginning-of-the-week planning session, but which means I can add as much as I need to throughout the week!

Stamps Used:

Additional Supplies

  • Crayola SuperTips
  • Papermate Black Flair M

Super Quick DIY Planner Layout for Busy Moms

Hello Sweet Friends! Its Cheryl here to show you how to create quick planner layouts that aren’t short on pretty! As a mom of two boys that also works full time, I don’t always have time to create super involved planner layouts but I’ll admit that I do prefer pretty planner pages! So here are a few quick and easy DIY Planner layouts!

Easy Monthly DIY Planner Layout

Easy Monthly DIY Planner Layout

Here is a quick and easy way to create monthly planner overview pages to help you keep track of important dates, monthly goals, and your monthly to-do list.

Keep track of important dates

Use a Pencil to Draw a Border in Your Planner

First I drew a border in my planner pages in pencil, then I stamped some of the flowers from the Bouquet Stamp set onto sticker paper, fussy cut the images and placed them onto a few corners of my planner pages, however, you can stamp directly into your planner pages to save time.

Next, I stamped “November” right on the pencil line on the upper left-hand corner using a stamp from the Monthly Script stamp set.

Draw a border in my planner pages in pencil

Write Planner Days of the Month in Pencil

I went over the pencil border with a black pen, let it dry, and then erased any visible pencil marks. On the first page, I wrote out the numbers 1-30 for the days of the month which will be used to track important dates of the month. Lastly, I stamped out some banners using the Banners and More Stamp set and wrote in “goals”, “to-do”, and “notes” on the second page. Check out the picture below to see these pages in action!

Write in “goals”, “to-do”, and “notes”

Easy Weekly DIY Planner Layout

Easy Weekly DIY Planner Layout

Weekly layouts are so key for a busy mom! With so many tasks that need to be balanced between work, home, and school, we need a place to capture the week’s to-do lists!

Create a Decorative Banner on Top of Planner Layout

First I created a decorative banner using the Bouquet Stamp Set and the Cartoon Filled Alpha Stamp set. For my B6 traveler’s notebook, I cut a piece of sticker paper about 1.75” x 6.25”, placed a piece of scrap paper behind the sticker paper, and randomly stamped flowers onto the strip of sticker paper until it was relatively full. Then I stamped “Nov. 18” and drew a border using a pencil.

Pencil Line Dates onto the Planner Layout

Next, I traced over the border using a black pen, and then I penciled in some lines for the dates of the week. I stamped the dates using the Cartoon Alpha Stamp set and six checklist banner from the Planner starter kit onto sticker paper (you can stamp directly onto your planner if you’d like), fussy cut them. I placed the numbers between the penciled in lines and the banners above and below the dates. I also placed the decorative banner onto the far right of the planner layout.

Lastly, I wrote in the days of the week except for “Saturday and Sunday” and used “weekend” instead. There you have it! Quick and easy DIY planner layouts for busy moms (or busy people in general)!

Stamps Sets Used:

Additional Products Used:

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Black Pen
  • Black Stamping Ink
  • Acrylic Block

How to Make 3 DIY Desk Calendars to Give as Holiday Gifts Using Stamps

DIY Desk Calendars


Hello Sweet Friends! Its Cheryl here to show you how to make fun desk calendars using the new DIY Calendar Stamp set and the Monthly Script stamp set from Sweet Stamp Shop. It’s perfect timing to make some handmade gifts to give to your friends and family for Christmas! I had so much fun making these desk calendars that I made three of them — three different ways!

DIY Year-Round Icon Desk Calendar

Year Round Icon Desk Calendar

The first calendar I’m going to share is more on the cutesy side. First I selected some patterned cardstock based on either a holiday or season for that month. Then I used the second largest rectangle stitched die to cut the cardstock.

rectangle stitched die to cut the cardstock

Then I cut 12 circles for the monthly icons using the smallest die in the circle stitched die set and also cut out 12 squares using the second to the smallest die in the square stitched die set. Next, I stamped out the icons for each month from the Year Round Stamp set onto the circle die cuts, then I stamped the calendar for each month onto the square die cuts.

Year Round Stamp Set from Sweet Stamp Shop

Tip: You can fit all of the components of the calendar onto the large acrylic block from the Sweet Stamp Shop, and the spacing of the lines on the blocks works perfectly to align the calendar stamps.

use a tape runner to adhere the icons and calendar on to its corresponding patterned cardstock

Now it’s assembly time! I used a tape runner to adhere the icons and calendar on to its corresponding patterned cardstock. Then I colored all of the icons and added a line under the month to add a little bit more color. Lastly, I added some accents using a white gel pen.

DIY Minimalist Chic Desk Calendar

Minimalist Chic Desk Calendar

Here’s a minimal yet chic desk calendar, it’s also a great project to use the scraps of paper left over from the Year Round Icon Calendar!

cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of cardstock and then I cut out 3.25”x1.25” rectangles out of patterned cardstock

First I cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of cardstock and then I cut out 3.25”x1.25” rectangles out of patterned cardstock. Next, I used a tape runner to adhere the patterned cardstock to the top of the squares. To round the corners, I punched each corner using a corner punch.

Stamp each month on the whitespace of each square. On this calendar, I put the month off to the side for a different style. Lastly, I added a line using a colored fine liner pen to add a little more visual interest.

DIY Distress Desk Calendar

Distress Desk Calendar

Don’t have printed cardstock or maybe don’t have any cardstock that would fit the bill? You can also use distress inks to add color to your desk calendar!

First I cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of plain cardstock and then rounded the corners using a corner punch. Next, I created a guide using paper, a ruler, and a pencil. I drew one long line across the paper and another line 1.25” below the first line. Then I stamped the calendar on each square.

First I cut out twelve 3.25” squares out of plain cardstock and then rounded the corners using a corner punch

Next, I place the top of the cardstock on the first line and secured it with tape. Using the second line as a guide, I placed a large sticky note to mask the cardstock. Next, I used a foam blender and two distress inks and worked in color (each color starting on different ends of the cardstock blending together at the center). Repeat the same process with different colors for each month.

I place the top of the cardstock on the first line and secured it with tape

Lastly, I stamped the month on the distress ink. However, you can stamp it any way you want! Isn’t that the beauty of DIY projects?

Stamps Used:

Dies Used:

  • Circle Stitched
  • Rectangle Stitched
  • Square Stitched

Additional Products Used:

  • Patterned Cardstock
  • Plain Cardstock
  • Plain Paper
  • Pencil and Paper
  • Black Stamp Ink (that’s compatible with alcohol markers)
  • Copic Markers
  • Distress Inks and foam blender
  • Straight Edge
  • White gel pen
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Corner Punch
  • Acrylic Block
  • Glue

How to Use Stamps in Your Bullet Journal to Track Your Kids’ Reading and Appointments

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing a couple of ways you can use the newest Sweet Stamps September release to track your kids reading and doctors appointments in a Happy Notes. To do this, I will be mainly using my Bullet Journal Tracker and Monthly Script stamp sets.

I have been encouraging my kids to read 15 minutes a day and decided that it might be a fun to track this in my bullet journal. At the same time, I thought it would also be a good idea to use these stamp sets to track a few doctors appointments they have this month.

Use a Stamping Tool Platform

Before moving forward with the following examples, I highly recommend you use a stamping tool platform in order to ensure all your stamps are level on the pages. To get started, I first picked out Sweet Stamp Shop’s September stamp from (Monthly Script Set) and (Number Mixup Set) for this months track.

Use Stamps from Bullet Journal Tracker & Book Club Set

I then stamped the Track reading from Book Club Set and Bullet Journaling Wheel from Bullet Journal Tracker.

Add Animal Donuts Stamp to Center of Reading Wheel

Next, I thought it would be cute to add something in the center of the wheel track. Just my luck, I noticed that Sweet Stamp’s Animal Donuts fits perfectly right in the middle (without the ears). As shown below. I then stamped the little hexagons for my kids color codes.

Write September Dates in Boxes

Next, I wrote down September dates using a black pen in small font size just inside at the top right corner of the box.

Color Using Prisma Color Pencils

Then I colored the hexagons with Prisma Color Pencils. Since September has 30 days (and also not to confuse myself) I colored the extra box ahead.

Draw Drop Shadows Using Tombow Brush Markers

To complete this bullet journal project, I used Tombow Brush Markers to draw drop shadows outside of the wheel, the hexagon and the days reading.

Add Page to Bullet Journal for Dr’s Appointments

For the second page of the Bullet Journal to track my kids’ doctor appointments, I stamped using the Straight and Dotted Line stamp using Sweet Stamps (Between You and Me Set) then stamped the Trapezoid Bullet Journal Tracker just above the lines.

Color in Dates of Dr’s Appointments

The appointment tracker and doctor/time stamp are from (Medical Tracker Set) and the numbers in the boxes are from the Bullet Journal Tracker. I then colored the dates in which my kids have an appointment.

These were just a couple of ways I thought of to use the new stamps released this month from Sweet Stamp Shop. I’m sure there are a number of fun ways you can use these stamps to track appointments, goals and more. Hope you give it a try!

Watch this video to see all the DIY steps I took to create monthly kids’ reading and appointment trackers in my bullet journal.

Don’t forget to tag #sweetstampshop in Instagram and share it in Facebook page.

Stamp Sets Used:

Additional DIY Crafts Used:

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker, N75 – Cool Gray
  • Happy Notes by the Happy Planner
  • Clear Acrylic Block with Grid
  • Prisma Color Pencils

How to Make a Comic Book Inspired Planner Layout

Hello Sweet Fans! Its Cheryl here to share how I created a Comic Book inspired Planner Layout! I really love the sequence of action words in Sweet Stamp Shop’s “For the Love of Stamps” stamp set. So much so that it inspired me to do this Comic style layout which is super easy and fun to do. Hope you get inspired too!

For the Love of Stamps Sweet Stamp

Draw 2×2 Boxes Using Pencil

First I drew boxes out in pencil. The boxes are roughly 2”x2”, I made the second box on the top row slightly larger because the little girl and cat on the laptop image are slightly larger than the rest.

Make 2x2 Boxes for the Comic Book Planner Layout

Cover Pencil Lines Using Black Pen

Next, I used a black pen to draw in the boxes. Allow some time for the black ink to dry before erasing the pencil lines (trust me! I learned the hard way!). But if you do experience some smudging, a white gel pen can always help hide the smudges!

Use Felt Pin to Highlight the 2x2 Boxes

Add “For the Love” & “Banners and More” Stamp Sets to Sticker Paper

Next, I stamped out the images from Sweet Stamp’s “For the Love of Stamps” Stamp set onto sticker paper along with some banners from Sweet Stamp’s “Banners and More” Stamp set for the days of the week. Then I fussy cut out all of the images.

Banners and More Stamp Set by Sweet Stamp Shop

Layout Stamped Images onto Planner Page

Then I laid out all of the stamped images onto the planner page to avoid pre-coloring any images that I won’t use.

Layout Images on Planner Paper

Color Banners with Copic Markers

Next, I colored in the banners with Copic markers and wrote in the days of the week.

Color Banners with Copic Marker

Layout the Days of the Week to the Planner Pages

Then I laid out all of the days of the week onto my planner pages and colored all of the images using Copic markers.

Layout Days of the Week on Planner Pages

Add Checkboxes Using “Two Plan with Words” Stamp Set

I then used distress ink to color in the first box and stamped out the words “Sweet Release Day” to mimic the title of a comic. I also added some checkboxes from Sweet Stamp’s “Two Plan with Words” stamp set and added some highlights using alphas and icons. Lastly, I added some washi tape for some extra accents!

Two Plan with Words Stamp Set by Sweet Stamp Shop

Stamps Used:

  • For the Love of Stamps
  • Banners and More
  • Two Plan with Words
  • Outline Lower Alpha
  • Basic Icons

Additional Products Used:

  • Dot Grid Insert
  • Sticker Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Stamp Ink (that’s compatible with alcohol markers)
  • Copic Markers
  • Distress Inks and foam blender
  • Straight Edge
  • Scissors (or anything to fussy cut the stamped images)
  • White gel pen