How to Make a Comic Book Inspired Planner Layout

Hello Sweet Fans! Its Cheryl here to share how I created a Comic Book inspired Planner Layout! I really love the sequence of action words in Sweet Stamp Shop’s “For the Love of Stamps” stamp set. So much so that it inspired me to do this Comic style layout which is super easy and fun to do. Hope you get inspired too!

For the Love of Stamps Sweet Stamp

Draw 2×2 Boxes Using Pencil

First I drew boxes out in pencil. The boxes are roughly 2”x2”, I made the second box on the top row slightly larger because the little girl and cat on the laptop image are slightly larger than the rest.

Make 2x2 Boxes for the Comic Book Planner Layout

Cover Pencil Lines Using Black Pen

Next, I used a black pen to draw in the boxes. Allow some time for the black ink to dry before erasing the pencil lines (trust me! I learned the hard way!). But if you do experience some smudging, a white gel pen can always help hide the smudges!

Use Felt Pin to Highlight the 2x2 Boxes

Add “For the Love” & “Banners and More” Stamp Sets to Sticker Paper

Next, I stamped out the images from Sweet Stamp’s “For the Love of Stamps” Stamp set onto sticker paper along with some banners from Sweet Stamp’s “Banners and More” Stamp set for the days of the week. Then I fussy cut out all of the images.

Banners and More Stamp Set by Sweet Stamp Shop

Layout Stamped Images onto Planner Page

Then I laid out all of the stamped images onto the planner page to avoid pre-coloring any images that I won’t use.

Layout Images on Planner Paper

Color Banners with Copic Markers

Next, I colored in the banners with Copic markers and wrote in the days of the week.

Color Banners with Copic Marker

Layout the Days of the Week to the Planner Pages

Then I laid out all of the days of the week onto my planner pages and colored all of the images using Copic markers.

Layout Days of the Week on Planner Pages

Add Checkboxes Using “Two Plan with Words” Stamp Set

I then used distress ink to color in the first box and stamped out the words “Sweet Release Day” to mimic the title of a comic. I also added some checkboxes from Sweet Stamp’s “Two Plan with Words” stamp set and added some highlights using alphas and icons. Lastly, I added some washi tape for some extra accents!

Two Plan with Words Stamp Set by Sweet Stamp Shop

Stamps Used:

  • For the Love of Stamps
  • Banners and More
  • Two Plan with Words
  • Outline Lower Alpha
  • Basic Icons

Additional Products Used:

  • Dot Grid Insert
  • Sticker Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Stamp Ink (that’s compatible with alcohol markers)
  • Copic Markers
  • Distress Inks and foam blender
  • Straight Edge
  • Scissors (or anything to fussy cut the stamped images)
  • White gel pen

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