Create a Quick and Simple Masculine Card with Stamp Sets

Hello, there crafty friends! This is Ashlea, and I am so excited to be sharing my first post and video for Sweet Stamp Shop.

Use Circus Life Stamp Set by Sweet Stamp Shop

Are you loving the July release as much as I am? I love the sweet summer theme along with the cheeky sayings and stamp sets that we’ve all come to know and love from Sweet Stamp Shop. For today’s card, I’ve used the Circus Life  Stamp Set because of that adorable little human cannonball and the ring of fire.

Though its a quick and simple card, I know that I often struggle with creating masculine cards. But, as soon as I saw these images I knew I wanted to make this car which I think is suitable for a man’s birthday, graduations, or just because. I love being able to use a card for many different occasions.

Use Mini Misti and Grid Transparency Sheet to Set the Stamps

So, first I’m going to be using my Mini Misti so that I can set this scene up. Then I’m also going to be using this grid transparency sheet from Simon Says Stamp. And this can just help you set your stamps up so that you know that they are centered. I like to use this a lot with sentiments, but it works when you’re setting up a scene with two separate stamps. I’d like them to be on the same plane. So, this is very helpful.

Color Images with Memento Ink and Copic Markers

Next, I’m going to use Memento ink because I will be coloring these images with Copic markers. Memento ink is Copic safe, which just means that the alcohol and the Copic markers won’t make the Memento ink run. I’m going to be adding a shadow to these images to make it look a little bit more three dimensional. I’m going to be using a full sticky post-it notes as a masking paper, but this isn’t a necessary step. I just like to do it in case I get any of the markers that I’m using for the shadow on to my stamped images.

I’m using a Copic marker in W1 for my shadow shade or color. This is my favorite Copic marker color to use for shadows. I just think it gives a good shadow color or what I would assume to be a shadow color, but I also use the number zero which is the colorless blender and I just take it to the very edges so that it isn’t as harsh those lines when I color them in.

For the hair, I am going to be using W7, W5, W3, and W1. And I’m going to start the darkest shade on the very edges of the hair and in the very center where I believe the part would be. Then I’m just going to do small strokes; which I like to do when I’m coloring in hair just to add a little bit of texture and it will make it a little bit easier for me to add a highlight in.

For my skin tone, I will be using E13, E11, and E21. And I start always with my darkest color which I know isn’t the way that everybody does it, but that’s just how I find it easiest for myself. And for the cannon, I imagined it being sort of like a metal. So, I’m using C5, C3, and C1, which are also great colors but are cool grey colors rather than the Ws which are warm grey colors. I am using 100 which is the black color, which I don’t use very often because it’s pretty dark but I thought that would be okay for the wheel. For the details on the ring of fire stand, I’ll be using R29 and Y13. And then for the ring itself, I am using Y28, which is the lionet gold color. And for the fire, I’m using Y13 and Y38.

Add Metal Die Word “Legendary” by Sweet Stamp Shop Next to Image

For the sentiment on this card, I’m just going to keep it super simple and use the Sweet Stamp Shop word “Legendary” word metal die. And I think it goes really well with the image. This guy could be a legend for being shot out with cannon and going through a ring of fire. So, I normally do two die-cuts and put them on top of one another, but I really wanted this to look like a one-layer card. I like to keep masculine cards really simple and use primary colors or sort of neutral colors. That tends to be where my mind goes for masculine cards.

Add Embellishments for a Finishing Touch

So, after I adhere the word die-cut “Legendary” to the card front with Tombow MONO Multi-Glue, I added a few embellishments. Just some popcorn stamps there at the bottom-right coming in from off of the card stock and some Nuvo Crystal Drops in dandelion yellow. I think that both of these things really compliment the colors of the rest of the card without drawing too much attention to themselves separately. You’ll see that I also added a little bit of red there at the bottom of the fire or the flames, just to add a little bit more color to the flames themselves.

I hope that you have enjoyed learning how I created this very quick and simple masculine card. Here’s a quick video showing the steps I took to create this!

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