How to Create a DIY Minimalistic Planner Layout

Hi, friends! It’s Katie here to share with you how I use Sweet Stamp shop in my weekly planning routine. I love using planners to map out my daily activities each week, and adding Sweet Stamp Shop’s planner decorations is a great way to keep me organized – and actually have fun while doing it! Easy-to-use planner stamps and stickers are a great place to start if you’ve been thinking about adding a little zest to your weekly planning routine.  

Leave Space on Your Planner for To-Do Lists & Appointments

I love decorative planning, but my style generally tends to be more minimalistic. have a pretty minimalistic style. I want a cute layout is a must, but my plans are the most important part even more important; this means I need plenty of space for writing to-do lists and appointments.

Match Stamps with Your Daily Activities

I always start with the most functional planner stamps to highlight my daily plans. Before I start to begin, I always like to have a general idea of what my week will look like so these that the stamps will match up with my daily activities; usually, this means leaving plenty of space for lists!

Decorate and Customize Each Planner Page

After I complete the functional part – mapping out my daily activities, organizing stamps, etc. – I know about how much space I’ll have left for fun decorations. This is the fun part! I like to customize each page of my planners, and I try to make sure the decorations are visually balanced while still allowing my plans to be the focal point (and easily legible).  and and I let myself have fun with this space. I try to make sure the decorations are visually balanced on each page. I also want to make sure my plans are still the focal point. This week, I went with a few hexagons in the corner stamps and colored them with fun fall colors.

Fill in Your Daily Plans and Activities

The last step of my planning process is always filling it in with my daily plans, activities, and reminders. There’s usually still quite a bit of white space when I wrap up my beginning-of-the-week planning session, but which means I can add as much as I need to throughout the week!

Stamps Used:

Additional Supplies

  • Crayola SuperTips
  • Papermate Black Flair M

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