How to Make a Weekly To-Do Planner Layout from Scratch

Hello! My name is Cheryl and today I’m going to share how I make a weekly to-do planner layouts from scratch! I really love how starting from a blank canvas allows for more flexibility to use fun stamped images! My preferred inserts are dot-grid inserts so that I have guides for positioning the components of my layouts yet the dots are barely noticeable.

Use a Ruler to Draw in the Planner Boxes

The insert shown above is for a Pocket-sized Traveler’s notebook size. These layouts are mainly for my daily to-do lists. First, I pencil in the daily boxes, because I do this so often I made myself a stencil, but you can use a ruler to draw in the boxes. I like my boxes to be 1.5” wide so that they would work with a lot of planner stickers and planner stamps. While you can draw the boxes in with pen first, I prefer to pencil it in first and layout my stamped images and then erase any unwanted lines for a much cleaner look.

Color Stamps with Copic Markers

I stamped out some of the images from the Circus Life Stamp set and colored them in with Copic markers. Then I stamped out the month and the first letter of each day of the week using the Cartoon Alpha Stamp set and colored them in with Copic markers. For the days of the week, I used a black pen to add a stitching detail. Then I fussy cut all of the stamped images.

Place Stamps Throughout the Planner Pages

Next, I used distress oxide inks to make the yellow background on the bottom of the page. I used the color fossilized amber and softened the edges with squeezed lemonade using a foam blender. Then I used red scallop washi to mimic a circus tent trim and then I placed my stamped images throughout the pages. Lastly, I used a black pen to darken the planner boxes and stamped in some checkboxes and erased any visible pencil marks.

I really do enjoy making my layouts from scratch. As life changes, so do my layout needs. Some weeks I have a lot of things to do, some weeks I don’t. I love having a blank canvas and the ability to change things up so I don’t get bored of my planner!

Draw in Scalloped Edges

Pictured above is a layout featuring the Scoop Up Unicorn stamp set using similar techniques detailed above only, I have shorter boxes, and I drew in a scalloped edge!

Stamps Used:

  • Cartoon Alpha
  • Circus Life
  • Scoop Up Unicorn

Additional Products Used:

  • Dot Grid Insert
  • Sticker Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Black Stamp Ink (that’s compatible with alcohol markers)
  • Copic Markers
  • Distress Inks and foam blender
  • Straight Edge
  • Scissors (or anything to fussy cut the stamped images)

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