Join the Sweet Family! Design Team Call Summer 2018

Hello Friends it’s Design Team Call time!

We’ve been in business since 2011, 7 years this year – can you believe it?! And, boy have we evolved and grown! We’ve had hundreds of designers work for us, with our products, and we’re so blessed to call so many of you friends! It’s been almost two years since we’ve had a traditional design team call, so we thought, it’s about time! 

Our brand is evolving, especially so this year, with an introduction of an art based subscription box and streamlining our product line. [Basically, getting back to what we do best, STAMPS] We couldn’t be more excited, and ready to turn the page and start the next chapter of Sweet Stamp Shop.

It’s time to invite new faces, new friends – and new crafters to work with our product, and help us market our brand. Just like when we started, we asked our friends to work with our product and show their friends – and the circle grew. It’s grassroots marketing, and we’re so humbled that our product spoke to so many people. We’re getting back to the basics, asking you to help us market our brand and products.

Why? Why should you design and market for Sweet? We know, you have limited time on your hands, and likely even more limited crafting time. So, we think it’s not enough to love the product that you’re working with, you need to love what the brand stands for.

Our mission statement is simple: Cute images, quality products, excellent customer service.

But, our delivery on that promise is what sets us apart. Nicole, the owner of Sweet, deeply cares about cultivating relationships with creative souls like her. The kind of people who don’t always feel like they fit in, the people that find value in the small things in life – and the people who believe that a happy positive outlook on life is not something to overlook. We know we’re not solving world peace over here – or curing cancer – and often times, it can feel frivolous what we do. But, if we can encourage people to get creative, expand their artistic horizons, and build confidence in the process – we’ll consider ourselves a giant success.

Would you like to join us in promoting our sweet message? Does this sound like something you’d like to be apart of?

Here’s the details on the design team call:

  • Positive, timely, professional artists [artist is another word for crafter – that’s right, if you consider yourself a crafter, WE consider YOU an ARTIST!]
  • 6 month commitment, but we go ‘month to month’ so at any time if you get busy, you can take a break or move on.
  • We need card makers, planners, bullet journalers, Memory Keepers/Scrapbookers, and creative youtubers! But, we don’t need you to fill all those shoes – so, show us what you’re passionate about!
  • You need to be passionate about sharing your love of your crafts online, either social media – blogging or youtubing.

  • Depending on your area of expertise, we’re asking for 1 blog post OR video per month.
  • 1 project [card, planner layout, bullet journal spread] per stamp set sent per month [you can request how many stamps you’d like to be responsible for, and you can combine stamp sets into one layout – or planner spread]
  • Consistent promotion of Sweet Stamp Shop’s releases and products where you’re most active.
  • Clean crisp photos, in the style of Sweet Stamp Shop. Check out our instagram for examples. If you can’t take quality photos, but you do quality work – it’s ok – apply, and we’ll help you!
  • Must stick to due dates, and if not you must communicate why. If you miss more than one month of due dates, we remove you from the team – and we ask that you come back when your schedule opens up.

Responsibilities can be as great or as little as you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to get one stamp set a month from us and make a couple cards and not be responsible for a blog post, it’s OK – tell us! Maybe you’d like to do 1 video a month – but, that’s all you have time for, it’s OK – tell us! That’s not a promise that we’ll be able to work together, but that’s a promise that we’ll certainly try! We’d rather come from a place of ‘can’ – rather than ‘can’t’ 🙂

**You CAN work with other brands! There’s so many awesome companies out there, we think there’s plenty of room for you to work with lots of companies.


  • A starters goodie box full of Sweet product – we work with you to make sure we’re not sending you anything you already own. Valued at $100 – $150.
  • A starter kit of your choice: Card Making – Planner/Bujo – Memory Keeping. Valued at $50+
  • Monthly designer boxes, full of new releases – art supplies – and fun goodies. Valued at $75-$100+
  • Depending on your social media reach, we also have a cash payment budget, so feel free to send us your information along with your application, and we can discuss cash payment.

While we don’t consider promoting you part of the payment [because that makes us roll our eyes] we want to say that we like to take every opportunity to promote our designers. Of course, we’ll feature you on our blog – on our social media outlets – and whenever possible! Also, we periodically have collaborations, and our designers get products from other companies. We’re debuting a sub box later in 2018 – and you’ll be the first asked for the opportunity to design.

This design team call is open from July 10th – August 1st and we’ll contact people throughout that time to join us. Carefully read the instructions below, we ask that you follow them as the first step in showing us that you’re a good fit for our team!


  • Email with the subject line: Design Team Call Application
  • Include your full name, your shipping address, and your phone number – also, tell us if texting you is a good means of communication
  • Include 3 examples of your work, and links to your blog – youtube – instagram – facebook – twitter  **links to the places you’ll plan to promote and you actively use you do NOT need to include links to social media you don’t have – or if you don’t have a blog.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • What projects would you make for us? [Cards, Planners, Scrapbooks, Journals]
    • Are you available for 1 blog post a month, [or 1 video] and 3-5 stamp set projects? If not, what are you available to complete?
    • Do you work with other brands? Who?
    • Do you own Sweet Stamp Shop product? [not necessary, but a love for stamps and our style of art is a must]
    • Why do you think you’d be a good fit for Sweet Stamp Shop?


**International artists are welcome to apply, deadlines and responsibilities will be different due to shipping times.

**Sweet Stamp Shop products *do NOT* need to be featured in your application. We’re looking to see your BEST work.

**We will send you a response when we get your application, and we’ll notify people of acceptance throughout the open call period. By August 15th – all applicants will be notified either way.


So, do you think you might apply? Here’s our last bit of advice… we typically have hundreds of applicants when we have open calls…. So, if we don’t pick you this time, you have to promise us that you:


  • Won’t take it personal. There’s a gazillion reasons and variables that go into picking a team – so don’t beat yourself up.
  • Try again! If not with us – with another company! And, promise that you won’t stop trying until you get on a team!
  • Won’t hold it against Sweet. We don’t want you to have a sour taste in your mouth when you think of Sweet if you don’t make the cut. Nicole hasn’t done an open call like this in years, because of this reason. She always worries that people will stop ‘hanging out’ with Sweet… and she would never want that!

If you don’t want to apply or you don’t have the extra time but, you’d like to help us – feel free to share our design team call, and maybe you have a friend that might have talent and time!


Have a sweet day!

7 Replies to “Join the Sweet Family! Design Team Call Summer 2018”

  1. I’ve been a follower and fan since day 1 and will always be one. I am so excited for this opportunity thank you and good luck to everyone.

  2. Hi Nicole, I cannot believe this is happening. I contacted you on insta regarding how to go about applging for your team! This is awesome… There are so many of us australian crafters who want to promote stamps in australia there is a massive gap in the market here! So many crafters but so few brands. Yay cant wait to apply! Mandy of

  3. This is the sweetest DT call I have ever come across! I just love the positive attitude. I am going to apply and keep my fingers crossed because I would really like to be associated with such a great brand.

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