Memory Planning – Visiting San Fran

Hi Sweeties. Today, we’re sharing a memory planning project from Sweet Ambassdor Jennie Martella. If you don’t know who she is, you really should check out her instagram for planner inspiration. Check out her steps below!

Jennie says:
“This is a memory planner that will be used for the week of my wedding since we are getting married in San Francisco! I like to work ahead in my memory planner by making layouts as it helps to encourage me to keep it up to date and to do it weekly!”

Tip: Washi helps cover up pre-printed days and areas you don’t want showing.
Jennie: “On the left hand side I’ve included one of my favorite photos of us in SF (during our early dating years).”
Jennie: “On the right I will include a photo of us on our wedding day with some of my feelings about the day.”

Isn’t this such a darling use of the Visiting San Fran stamp set? We hope you enjoyed this memory planning project and share your use of this stamp set! Please tag us on instagram (@sweetstampshop) or post your project on our Facebook Fan Club!

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