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Make your Planner pop with super fun and colorable planner sticker sets from Sweet Stamp Shop. These planner sticker sets can also help keep your planner neat and organized thanks to stickers that remind you about school pick ups, bills that need paying and travel dates.

Planner stickers are designed to be smaller in size then regular stickers and often come in themed packs that work well together when planning around a specific occasion or topic. For example, a meal planning set may have food icons and words such as “potluck,” “grocery list” or a line of stars to rate meals. They are clear, making placement within small sections of a planner a cinch.

Each Planner sticker sheet is printed on thin matte sticker paper and packaged in plastic so they’ll stay protected for years. Most of the images on the sheet are different sizes (some larger, some smaller) so you won’t end up with duplicates. Nicole has even decorated one of the stickers in the packet so you can get a great idea how super cute the sticker will be once you color it.

Not sure how to use these stickers in your planner? You’ll find step-by-step sticker planner tutorials and many other creative DIY sticker ideas in our blog.

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